The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation


i would like to talk about the geopolitical aspects you heard a marvelous presentation on the biological scientific unscientific aspects of GMO and round up the glyphosate it’s that are paired with them i would like to concentrate a little bit on where this beast came from that’s plaguing our planet and our populations and I back in 2005 I had done research since the nineteen eighties on the gap or guai around I’d been to Brussels many times to interview the Farmers Association the Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture who at that point was a Danish gentleman who said i don’t understand why european union money should go to subsidize a bunch of small farmers in Bavaria well those small farmers in Bavaria are some of the most ardent anti-gmo Crusaders and in the world so there is a good reason but when I was asked to do a book about GMO by a friend of mine who was setting up a publishing house in zagreb in Croatia back in 2005 I started researching and I I suppose I write books partly in an autobiographical sense and partly to learn new things to keep my mind alive keep it from stagnating but as I dug into the research of GM ol and the patenting of seeds i came across something that perked my ears up even before I got this strange microphone hope you keep having trouble falling and falling off you and that was that the earliest research on GMO can’t see what it’s okay the earliest can people up maybe i’ll just try it like this the earliest research the earliest research on GMOs I’ll do it this way was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation now that interested me tremendously because i had spent years researching the Rockefeller machine the political machine of the most powerful family in America after World War Two and it’s all so i came across the name Rockefeller and I really got interested in the subject and what I found out astonished even me I went back to the nineteen thirties and i found that the Rockefellers and actually created an entire field of the study of biology starting with the grants to caltech in California California Institute of Technology and Cambridge University in England to very high quality science universities since then it spread almost entirely over the world they created something a fraudulent branch this may shock some of you a fraudulent branch of biology called molecular biology based on a principle of scientific reductionism and they maintain that they could reduce the complexity of life to a single gene and as you saw in the previous presentation take a cannon or another means and shoot foreign matter into that gene and change the expression of of that gene the problem with this is it’s not stable among other things but that didn’t deter the family rockefeller so they into the forties and after the war the rockefeller foundation with its tax free money was one of the few sources for scientific research in these elite universities and the university’s grabbed it up and began promoting molecular biology then right after the war Nelson Rockefeller took a scientist who worked for the rockefeller university name and name norman borlaug down to Mexico to see about the possibilities of introducing a variety of wheat that Borlaug had developed at the University called wonder wheat and the Green Revolution was born it was a Rockefeller revolution a lot of hype and a lot of lies the Green Revolution was aimed at creating something that the Rockefellers also sponsored at Harvard Business School in the nineteen fifties creating agribusiness so instead of small peasant plots in places like Mexico you’d have large lot of funders lot of fun bista the concentrations and you would grow these strains of wheat that Rockefeller scientists introduced into Mexico and in the early nineteen fifties the Rockefeller Foundation financed a project at the harvard business school with Ray Goldberg and the former assistant secretary of agriculture john davis under Eisenhower they literally created the business model for what today dominates the human food chain and the animal food chain around the world and that is agribusiness you go today to a supermarket in Moscow you go today downtown Beijing or any place in China and you see precisely the same products they’re brought in there by Unilever by nestle by kelloggs general foods and all of those products contain GM all of the corn almost one hundred percent of the corn grown in the United States which is the biggest corn exporting nation is genetically manipulated virtually all of the soybeans commercially grown in the world which means Argentina Brazil and the United States is genetically manipulated patented seeds largely from Monsanto well the agribusiness model was to transform American agriculture they started with orange juice in Florida the citrus groves of Florida and began creating a vertical top-down model a corporate model the idea of a family farmer who actually cares about the health of his animals monitors and gets up at four o’clock in the morning when one of his calves takes ill or something and and tries to find out what the problem is that began to be transformed during the nineteen eighties the nineties in America seventies to into industrialized farming you have mass feed feed Lots concentrated feeding organizations carefuls where tens of thousands of animals are crowded together they started with chicken this tyson farms in Arkansas good friend of Bill Clinton’s and by now it’s spread to virtually all of the meat that’s consumed in the united states it’s pumped up with antibiotics to make it grow faster faster and then it’s fed a diet of GMO almost exclusively so it’s probably a good time to think about becoming a vegetarian if you live in the united states and europe it’s not quite so bad but because we import most of the power feed that farmers use to feed their livestock and virtually all of that is transported by archer daniels midland or Cargill or the American green cartel companies and all of that is GMO then we’re getting GMO through the back door and it’s not labeled in the European Union well where did this idea of GMO really come from it came as I found out in my researchers from a fascination that very very powerful and very bad people like the rock fillers had since they become became the world world’s wealthiest people a fascination with something called eugenics how many of you are familiar with what eugenics is all about well for those of you who aren’t eugenics is so called race breeding science you have a superior race like the Rockefellers the Rothschilds as they see it not as i see it but they see it and then you have the unwanted the human cancer is one of their people called it the human cancer that spreads reproduces so after the end of World War two the Rockefellers became one of the largest financial patrons of something called the American eugenics Society and a very very close family friend of the Rockefeller family Margaret Sanger created the planned parenthood federation which was nothing but a disguised form of eugenics and during the thirties she went into Harlem which is a black ghetto in New York City and created something called the Negro project she wrote in a letter to a friend that somehow leaked into the public domain fortunately she said if the black ministers ever get wind of the fact that the Negro project is about reducing the black population or the Negro population is it was called that then our project is in real trouble that was eugenics well they held a conference the American eugenics Society and announced the president of the Society announce that as of today the new name of eugenics is genetics and that began this mad project to try to alter the gene to manipulate the gene of life by reducing the complexity of biological life down to the single gene and changing its expression same rockefeller foundation from the nineteen twenties on into the eve of the First World War financed all of the eugenics research from the time Hitler came into power until 1939 six full years in the kaiser wilhelm institute in berlin and in Munich research on how to eliminate useless eaters undesirable gypsies Jews and so forth Mengele the Nazi doctors they were all receiving the money from the Rockefellers and only because as one of the members of the board of the Rockefeller Foundation put it after coming back from a fact-finding trip to see how the money was being spent in Germany said it’s a pity that the Nazis have such a bad press internationally because they’re doing what we only talked about doing here in America selective sterilization and such things like that they’re really doing it it’s a pity well this this is the political or geopolitical background to the GMO Project and in the fifties john d rockefeller the third who specialized in Asia and in population reduction the four brothers divided the world up among them after the war well john d rockefeller the third created something called the population council the purpose of the population council was to reduce population they hired demographers at elite universities like Princeton to come up with scary numbers that would terrify the population about how Indian people are reproducing like rabbits and there’s famine because they’re too many people in india and so forth africa they did the same thing china so the most of the world I came to believe especially in the industrial world came to believe that the greatest danger on earth today is overpopulation well don’t worry because the Rockefellers through their population council began funding all sorts of research in birth control devices intrauterine devices and so forth they were a little bit sad that their money didn’t you finance the creation of the birth control pill in the sixties but they did everything to propagate it and support it once it was discovered and john d rockefeller the third turn to a protégé of the Rockefeller family in the early nineteen seventies who was then these national security advisor to the President President Nixon by the name of henry kissinger perhaps some of you have heard of this gentleman and Kissinger was commissioned to do a top secret study called NSM 200 it later in the nineteen nineties this was in 1974 in the nineteen nineties it was finally Declassified from top secrecy and people could read what was in there but it became on the signature of President Gerald Ford it became official US government policy for the first time to impose population reduction on what Kissinger called developing countries where they have rapid population growth and rich raw material resources that the West needs to fight the cold war oil metals rare earth metals whatever so Kissinger argued that these rapid population increases will create a population that will demand of their governments that they get a share of the pie that they have an economic development what an obscene thing for populations to demand economic development a good standard of living adequate food shelter and so forth we can’t allow that to happen so we have to reduce populations so they made as a condition of any US government aid that third world countries are developing countries had to have a population plan in place no tickee no laundry no population reduction plans no US government assistance no food aid when you have a family and so forth without a population plan in place well gradually the United Nations the World Bank the International Monetary Fund adopted on on us pressure Washington pressure they adopted these population reduction policies so they did not have to do it directly through the US government they had plausible deniability this is some of the background to the Rockefeller GMO Project then they went to an institute that Rockefeller money had created called the International Rice Research Institute in the philippines and finance the development of what they called the Golden Rice they call it golden rice because it came out a very strange yellowish color but the argument was we will develop rice that is genetically modified to contain vitamin A so that the newborns in Asia poverty areas of Asia would not have blindness that is caused by vitamin A deficiency well after years and years of research and Rockefeller money they develop their golden rice the only problem as one scientist demonstrated in an experiment in india is that in newborn baby would have to eat eight kilograms or so of golden rice every day to get the amount of vitamin a that you get from carrots and other natural vegetables so that project did not quite go all the way the Rockefellers had dreamed then in the united states they began something with President George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992 Monsanto went to the White House Monsanto is a special corporation as is dupont and all the other two giants of the GMO revolution Monsanto which had been in the orbit of the Rockefeller family since world war one making chemicals and Agent Orange and dioxin and and such beautiful things Monsanto had shifted with Rockefeller encouragement there was a Rockefeller on the board of directors of Monsanto he just died recently it 102 years of age William Rockefeller believe was his name strange how these Rockefellers seem to have the obscene longevity David Rockefeller is now 98 or 97 still claims to be the the godfather of the family well they convinced president bush in 1992 that America had developed something through Monsanto’s laboratories that could make American agriculture the world King and that was patented seeds paired to Monsanto chemicals as you heard in the previous presentations around up and roundup-ready soybeans and corn and they convince President Bush it didn’t take convincing President Bush gladly agreed to issue instructions to the Food and Drug Administration the National Institutes of Health US Department of Agriculture that GMO corn or GMO soybeans if you hold up a stalk of GMO corn it pretty much looks like a stock of non-gmo corn or near other that it pretty much tastes like non-gmo corn it smells like non-gmo corn so why do we need to do any independent scientific government studies if this stuff is healthy for humans or animals it’s substantially equivalent now think about that term for a minute substantially means what what almost it’s one of those beautiful legal phrases that means absolutely anything you want it to mean equivalent means exactly one to one well by putting the adjective substantially or the adverb substantially equivalent you completely changed the rules of the game it’s not equivalent it’s an unnatural transformation of normal seeds well that declaration by president bush which has been reinforced by every single president bill clinton baby bush and now Barack Obama that there is no independent government testing of the health and safety of GMO not only that the GMO lobby Monsanto dowel Cargill archer daniels midland they drafted the rules that became the agreement on agriculture for something called the world trade organization in the early nineteen nineties so in those rules if a country tries to stop free trade in GMO soybeans from Monsanto coming into the country they’re in violation of WTO rules and the health and safety of a nation is deemed less important the way these rules were written by very clever Monsanto lawyers like Michael Taylor who’s now in the Obama administration overseeing the destruction of food safety in the United States well the rules of the WTO were carefully written so that it looks like it’s protecting health and safety but it does quite the opposite and when the European Union several years ago during the Iraq war actually 2003 the European Union tried to well the commissioners were quite ready to take money under the table from Monsanto and and the european food safety authority accepted Monsanto money for their independent university research but the population in Europe resisted GMO and still does ferociously even more than ever so President Bush baby Bush decided to sue at the double world trade organization to sue the European Union for not accepting more GMO in the EU they partly won the suit but still there has been virtually no widespread acceptance of GMO in Europe as was mentioned earlier austria for bits GM all I believe Greece did I don’t know if they still do after the IMF has literally destroyed anything resembling Greek sovereignty but a number of countries in Europe do not allow GMO Switzerland had a referendum on it and farmers they’re managed to work with some courageous scientists in the university’s to get the word out and the Swiss people reject the GMO for a moratorium period of five years and that . is soon to come up for another test we’ll see what happens hopefully they’ll continue it but the city action today is such that as I say virtually all of the packaged meat that we eat in the supermarket unless you can verify that it comes from a local farmer who has taken pains to feed non-gmo feed to his pigs or his cattle or his chickens that that’s going to be GMO and as the seralini study documented you heard earlier the scientists in France documented that the the chemical that’s that’s paired to the seeds to the modified seeds and you cannot buy Roundup Ready seeds without signing a contract that you buy roundup and round up it not only contains gleeful seed it contains proprietary chemicals which are not revealed to the public as to what they are and sara lee and his team tested the effects of this and found that the round up the chemicals the herbicide sprayed on usually by Ariel sprain in places like Argentina that these chemicals are toxic to cells in the human embryo in quantities less as i recall less than that recommended for garden usage and roundup is the most common weed killer in the world today in china in Europe in the United States so it’s a form actually of chemical warfare if you want to i wrote an article recently for the internet and I said if Obama really is serious about doing something against chemical warfare he should turn those drones on the Monsanto headquarters in st. Louis and bomb on sato well in 1999 Monsanto got into trouble that the project the project goes back to something that i mentioned in my first talk from ken and Henry Kissinger Rockefeller protege he said back in the seventies if you control oil you control entire nations if you control food you control the people control what we eat the toxins that build up on our system that 20 30 years later emerged as cancer or or heart problems or other things that make us ineffective as live thinking active people that can make trouble for government policies that are destructive to us so in 1999 they announced that they were taking over not they’re not only buying up all the independent seed companies around the world so they’re the biggest owner of seeds but they announced that they were buying up but a small company in Mississippi called Delta and pine land well delta and pile and was interesting to Monsanto for one particular reason they in cooperation with the United States government had developed a seed called genetic use restriction technology Gert called in the popular press or the ecological press called Terminator technology as in the arnold schwarzenegger hollywood movies where he comes out with this massive automatic weapon and just terminates everybody in sight well this comes close to the Rockefeller dream because Terminator allows one Santo to sell seeds to a farmer in India or in China or in Africa somewhere and that seed will terminate commit suicide after one harvest so you’re in a form of serfdom of bondage that has never before been possible in the history of human agriculture farmers cannot replant a portion of their seeds for the next harvest they completely lose their independence to a foreign multinational or one of four usually and on that basis alone even if GMOs would increase harvest yields even if it could be proven that GMOs were completely safe to human and animal health which they aren’t even if GMOs required less herbicides which they don’t they require more over the long term I would oppose GM all with all my energy because it’s controlled by 32 for multinationals chemical companies and three of those are some of the most criminal corporations on the face of the earth they develop agent orange for use in defoliating the jungles of vietnam during the Vietnam War lied about the effects of that on their own employees to avoid pain liabilities they have lied about it up to the present to avoid and the government US government has lied about it and not acknowledge the damage that American soldiers under went from the toxic effects of working with with the agent orange during the war and they did the same with dioxin with PCBs dumping it into the water rivers near by their factories in the US and these three corporations which ultimately work with the Pentagon and have for decades on chemical warfare we are supposed to trust were supposed to trust monsanto that they do the scientific studies that are given to the government that the government doesn’t need to waste taxpayer money doing independent scientific studies like seralini did this upstart up there and can university in France because Monsanto is so generous with their research dollars that they fund the research before the government has to do anything well a hue and cry went up about the purchase of Delta and pine land because they had patent Terminator with the US government and the president of the Rockefeller Foundation went flew to st. Louis to the headquarters of Monsanto and had an emergency meeting with the board of directors of the corporation and convince them to tell the world that they were not proceeding with the merger of Delta and pine land that they were not going to commercialize Terminator technology they chose their words very carefully well the US government the Department of Agriculture gave an interview to a farm journal farm industry journal agribusiness journal where they said we have no intention of stopping our research on terminator technology this is going to give American agriculture exports a huge chunk of the world market and we’re keeping up with that so the US government is complicit in this criminal enterprise called GMO and indeed the Rockefeller or the Monsanto Corporation did drop its takeover bid for delta and pine land until two thousand seven when Greenpeace and all the other NGOs that were campaigning against Terminator got tired of the subject of GM all the people weren’t so interested as they were and other things so they looked around for another issue to rally the masses and at that point Monsanto announced that it was taking over the same company Delta and pile and seven years later or eight years later but they said Delta and pine has developed a strain of cotton that were interested in acquiring all common way that’s ok i guess you know we don’t have to worry about eating cotton so Monsanto today owns Terminator technology with the US government they’ve been very very discreet and quiet about it so we don’t have any knowledge of when they’re going to roll that outer if they have rolled it out in places like India where they’ve been large GMO cotton harvest failures the GMO Project is as I said earlier genetics is the new name of eugenics well the United States government was involved with a small san diego california biotech company called Epis ep IC y te you can look it up in the internet but you won’t find much because most reference to episode has been scrubbed I spent weeks trying to track this down i read an article and extremely poorly written article claiming that GMO was responsible for genocide but the person who wrote it didn’t give any footnotes didn’t get any leads so I as a researcher had to just keep searching and searching but I got lucky i stumbled across a local San Diego newspaper where they had a section on biotech startups and in in the county and lo and behold I found the press release of episodes in September 2001 I think the world was kind of preoccupied by other things in September 2001 if i recall correctly something about some big buildings in New York and Washington something happened I forget exactly some 19 Arabs with box cutters and strange things like that so people didn’t really pay much attention when the president of episode held a press conference and pointed behind him and said behind me is a hot house full of spermicidal corn now what did he mean he said this is the solution to the world overpopulation he had developed and patented corn that when it’s eaten by a human male makes the sperm infertile so you cannot conceive now isn’t that beautiful imagine you’re sitting there in the middle of oaxaca mexico about to eat your tortilla say would you like a little spermicide with your tio jose this is no joke these are people out to reduce the human population as as charles shaw described at the other night reduce the human population to several hundred million perhaps a billion 2 billion to start with and then dramatically down from there because they regard people has cancer well Peppa seat appeared as an independent company was bought up by North Carolina biotech company but not before it’s signed licensing agreements with Dow Chemical now agrosciences another one of the GMO Giants to license this eposide spermicidal corn worldwide well for obvious political reasons they’re keeping a very low profile and spermicidal corn but it would be interesting to test to what extent the corn cradle of the world corn seed varieties in oaxaca mexico has been contaminated by spermicidal GMO corn varieties well some people say nobody in their right mind would do such a thing with a the problem is there are people who are not in their right minds and many of the most powerful bad people on our planet are not in their right minds and they are doing this then it was discovered this is not a direct GMO but it gives you an idea of what the Rockefeller Foundation does with its wonderful money together i believe with the government of Norway and other foundation money they spent years in cooperation with the world unhealthy Organization in Geneva wh 0 developing a vaccine for tetanus you all know what tetanus is you know when you step on a rusty nail in nature and it goes through the punctures it’s a puncture wound and you can get lockjaw and the symptoms are quite unpleasant so they began giving free vaccinations to women in nicaragua in the early nineties i believe women in Nicaragua between age 14 and 45 well now men can also step on rusty nails in the jungles of nicaragua or wherever in the cities so the Catholic lay organization called rafidah católica fortunately there are some organizations that have their antennae up for birth reduction the Catholic Church lay organization pro feet is one of them they got suspicious that why was this only being given to women of childbearing age 14 2 45 approximately and they took a sample of the vaccine to an independent laboratory and held a press conference announcing that that vaccine was laced with an abortive fact that would cause a woman who had had been impregnated in it was pregnant to abort so that would have a charming effect on on population growth in in Nicaragua and the wh 0 humanly denied that this was case so the profit organization presented the biological test laboratory results to the world and they said oh well this must have been a bad sample in the laboratory this was a match that got contaminated somehow so this is what the GMO revolution is all about they are having difficulties fortunately number one it’s unstable arpad post I a dear friend of mine who unfortunately is not able to travel around and speak since the last five years at as terrible stroke he told me when we are speaking in the conference together in magna pert Montebourg Germany six years ago he said the problem with GMO is that the gene is always switched on that it’s unstable and there is no method of genetic manipulation known to science and he he doesn’t believe there’s any possible that can manipulate seeds in a way that does all the wonderful things that are being promised pure vitamin deficiency vitamin A deficiency or increase harvest yields etc etc well they’re not intended to do any of those things they’re intended to control the breadbasket of the world they’re intended to put nations like China under the thumb of these three or four corporations who could switch off the seed supply at a second’s notice if China didn’t do what Washington wanted we see what Washington has done with the banking system and cutting off the oil sales of a country like Iran because they decide to through the Swift interbank system so now Monsanto has teamed up with bill gates the gates foundation Bill and Melinda Gates being great humanitarians introducing vaccines all over Africa they have a project to vaccinate every child in africa with various forms of poison instead of spending ten billion dollars on unclean water supplies which would have a dramatic effect on sickness and death and so forth in Africa they’re spending ten billion on injecting every child in africa with poisons called vaccines well the Gates Foundation has become a major shareholder in Monsanto and they also together with the Rockefeller Foundation the two of the biggest private foundations in the world sponsors something called the green revolution in Africa coffee and on the Canadian who was Secretary General of the United Nations for years was recruited by Bill Gates and david rockefeller and company to become the secretary of the green revolution in Africa and the purpose of the green revolution in Africa where you have some of the world’s finest unspoiled soils for growing the entire planet could be fed from the the soils that we have in Africa some some grandmas have estimated the entire planet so we’re not in a danger of starvation by any means the project is to introduce GMO all across africa by stealth and many African countries you know they’re they’re not as stupid as some white people think they can actually read and write and read scientific reports on the internet and reject things that they think are unhealthy for them but that is the purpose of the gates foundation grants in Africa for the Green Revolution well Bill Gates and David Rockefeller together with warren buffett issued an invitation a private invitation about five years ago to a group of about 10 of the wealthiest people in America to come to a meeting at the rockefeller university presidents house in New York to create something they call the good club this was in the middle of the greatest financial crisis in human history and one would think that these very very wealthy and powerful people might be talking about what can we do to avoid such financial crisis no they didn’t care about that they weren’t interested they talked about how to solve the human population explosion as the most pressing problem well if people haven’t looked at the statistics recently some have estimated within 20 to 30 years the greatest population problem we will face on this planet is a collapse of population growth rates a dramatic collapse of population growth rates the demographic opposite of what people in the Obama administration and virtually every US government since jimmy carter’s day have claimed is is the greatest problem facing mankind this overpopulation china is facing a demographic ‘ within about 20 years there will be 100 million Chinese males with no statistical possibility of a female partner and imagine the kind of unrest that that’s liable to cause it’s already becoming a serious problem in China because on the advice of the population council of john d rockefeller the third the Chinese government 30 years ago adopted the one-child policy unfortunately i’m told by Chinese who are active in campaigning on the truth about GMO in China professors that Monsanto has come into rural areas of China and bribed local government officials to introduce GMO seeds in China so China is far from GMO free unfortunately one encouraging sign however is that when the Chinese government the Prime Minister announced in 2010 i believe it was that they had granted a license to a chinese company to commercialize GMO rice in China but it was okay because it was a Chinese company my book the this one here the seeds of destruction the hidden agenda of genetic manipulation had just been translated into Chinese a year before and my publisher had brought me over to Beijing and different cities in China to meet with the Chinese media and to get the book out in universities and so so Chinese journalists began arguing against their own government something you would never see with the American Free Press these days i wager that the Chinese government owned media started arguing against their own government quoting this little book that I just held up and and sections from my book as arguments against GM all of the another story that is encouraging as well because people have often asked what can I do as a single person in 2008 we have a dramatic spike in World grain prices rice and grains at the same time there was a dramatic spike in the oil price over a hundred and forty dollars a barrel well this was manipulated by the wall street banks as they were trying to recoup the losses of the real estate debacle and it was manipulated by the bush administration by offering taxpayer subsidies to farmers to take land out of Agriculture cultivation and grow corn to burn as fuel something I don’t think is a very good sound practice when people are starving around the world but be that as it may forty percent by this year 2008 of the corn harvest the United States was being used for biofuels and that created a shortage on the world grain markets and there were families and and you’re not famous harvest failures because of drought in i believe in Russia and a certain of the grain belts of Ukraine but the price of grains went soaring through the roof and a commission of pontifical academy of science there are five Pontifical academies in the Vatican I learned because one one of the five invited me to speak on on GMO lay organization but the pontifical academy of science which has as its advisers scientists from around the world very well-known scientist respected scientist the problem is they’re not always honest scientists of the Pacific academy of science decided to give GM old the green light and the Vatican has an official policy had resisted GMO up until that point but they got an alien Pope – are they thought they had an ailing Pope to be convinced of the benefit of GMO to solve world hunger and one can imagine even though Pope’s are supposed to be infallible that he doesn’t have time to do original research on the scientific validity of GM or such issues so he relies on expert advice well the head of this Pontifical Academy give a press conference and he said GMOs are perfectly fine for humans this is rubbish that they have a bad effect on our health I know because I was Pontifical representative of the Vatican at the united nations in new york for eight years and I hgm all the time to look at me I’m fine talk about an idiot well political manipulation month Monsanto and the US State Department because the US government pushes this poison as active policy as WikiLeaks demonstrated with the ambassador to France pushing Monsanto products something that ought to be a conflict of interest i would think the Pope was invited to the food and agriculture organization in Rome and it was believed by the organizers the US government and others that the Pope had been convinced by this Pontifical Academy to give the holy blessing to GMO to solve world hunger based on a lie that it would solve world hunger which it won’t quite the opposite and something happened deus ex machina maybe i don’t know but the Secretary of a second pontifical academy had been given a copy of this little book here seeds of destruction by a priest in Baltimore Maryland who knew him personally and the priest in Baltimore father bing extremely courageous man who invited me to Rome to speak to his lay organization of priests from all over the world about GMO father being told father woodward would all I don’t recommend you read this book seeds of destruction i order you to read this book you must read this this is extremely important because this to my knowledge is the only book that talks about GMO as a genocide conscious genocide project other excellent books talk about the health risks of GMO and and various things but this is the only geo political analysis in the world so far as i know anyway about the dangers of GMO and father would all as Secretary of the Pontifical Academy i believe it was called the political economy of life got an audience with the Pope one-on-one and briefed him on the real truth about GMO well the next week week or so later came this world hunger conference and the Pope appeared as a speaker as was planned and said not a single word about approving GM ol so the US ambassador was blue with rage after this conference but there was nothing he could do the Vatican refused to sanction or the Pope refused to sanction GMO and even gave an Easter sermon where he said these are men playing with genetics these are men who are playing that could be in God but aren’t so he had gotten the point quite nicely you cannot control life in this way but the Rockefellers are obsessive psychopaths and they don’t give up easily well at this point i mentioned on friday evening the effect that one woman one mother and Utah or idaho had started a Facebook page called march against monsanto at this point the GMO lobby has been badly badly wounded they’re not by any means dead they still hold the patterns they still have a US Supreme Court that’s allowed patents on life to stand in court something that ought to be prohibited in every country on Earth but it’s not and they are trying to spread GMO in countries where they think they can bribe officials more easily like China like Africa like India but there are revolts appearing in India there are revolts appearing in China and there are revolts appearing all over Africa so the perspective is by no means bleak but we should know exactly what it is that’s been done to poison us and our children and grandchildren and take the requisite measures to change that thank you yeah I can try again with that the wire okay thank you very much too – william tyndale it was again a pleasure to listen to all this knowledge I think we should give him one more plows we have time for some questions and I’m sure that there are awesome William I’m gonna hurt ya is there do you know why then Rockefeller the Ford Foundation and Linda and Bill Gates Foundation I don’t know are paying for the Styles volt in no way to keep all the seeds that are not demoed what is your take on it the question was about why the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation syngenta which is one of the largest GMO corporations a British this company why they financed the creation of a nuclear proof seed vault to store all the seed varieties of the entire planet up near the Arctic Circle inaccessible by Greenpeace boats or almost anything what what’s going on with that what what interest they have i well the BBC when they did a story on it years ago called it the Doomsday seed vault I don’t know I can’t answer that but it sure is a scary thing to me are they planning to do something to the seed varieties of the entire planet and then be the ones who control what comes out and in what form its genetically manipulated or not I don’t know but it it certainly is a very scary thing one of the first things to happen when the u.s. bombed Saddam Hussein’s Iraq back to the Stone Age in 2003 there was Iraq is the cradle of civilized agriculture the Tigris Euphrates valley Mesopotamia and there was a seed bank of wheat varieties in a place in Iraq called a bribe we’ve heard about it all through the prison well during the course of the u.s. bombing of Iraq that seed bank and Abu Ghraib disappeared nobody could say where it went the farmers had to depend on the u.s.a ID to get seeds to plant wait for the next harvest after the war and nobody has been able to verify this yet i talked with an Iraqi woman living in the US but she was trying to verify this that these would be GMO wheat varieties perhaps you know if that has been introduced into Iraq by deception but the seed vault in in Svalbard as it’s 1984 it’s really scary I don’t know yes i have it amazing so thank you for that we have trouble yeah and yeah it was me amazing all talk thank you for that the question is what I what is the excuse they use for the Terminator seat who would buy them if they had to rebuy them every year what was the excuse to sell it to people so nobody will would well right by it when a when a farmer signs one farmer signs a license agreement with Monsanto to buy Roundup Ready soy seeds around a pretty corn – 81 old whatever the sign an agreement to buy new seeds from Monsanto every year the problem is in many countries like Argentina or Brazil the farmers don’t want to buy those seeds every year and they try to read and try to plant again from safeties but the Terminator will make sure that they have to come back every year and 3 by those seats did you want to add comment on that or you had a question ok so the the Terminator really locks blocks in the the bondage to to Monsanto to the company corporation excellent speak from you but I want to make a comment – I have the I’m from Sweden and even there is a swedish contribution to these the population plants and in front of me I have a paper military review printed nineteen hundred and seventeen november and then in that is an article called ethnic weapons the first time i use that community hall what are the article is called ethnic weapons ethnic weapons and 80s ethnic ok I got it was written by a sweet from human genetic laboratory in learned university that’s our contribution i think that should be spread up coo ok and them too I wrote a book about these things – I recommend i don’t recommend you to read it i order you to read it and bring it to the Chinese thank you uh I haven’t been able to verify this but there was a report some years ago that the chemical warfare division or something of the israeli defense forces in Israel was trying to effect an ethnic weapon that would target Arabs their neighbors but then they realized that the genetic that genetics of Arab population was so similar to israeli population that they would end up killing their own people so they apparently abandoned it i don’t know if that’s true or not but it is all sorts of bizarre things going on more questions and if the Rockefellers and and all those that the top elite is going to have the TMO a crop all over the world where are they growing their own food that’s a very good question monsanto company cafeteria in England and I believe someone also told me in in st. Louis their headquarters does not serve GMO food to their employees saving the White House really ok uh yeah obama pushes GMO on the american population but he’s not going to eat it himself that’s the wrong kind of change for Obama i guess the I think people like Prince Charles it’s no accident that he’s an ecologist he’s opposed to GMO at least at least for the better people of the planet and I think they have they have their restricted areas around the world where they grow gmo-free the heiress to the Oppenheimer diamond family in South Africa has a huge organic farm raises chickens and she became alarmed with the new shipment of the soy feed for the chickens because the chicken suddenly became quite ill she took it to an independent laboratory in south africa and the analysis came back that the seed delivery this new seat delivery was all GMO seed the chickens wouldn’t need it or they got sick when they did it so she became quite alarmed and that gives you an idea the Oppenheimer family has sufficient funds from controlling the central selling organization of the world diamond trade that they can afford to grow their own healthy food I think that’s how it works so if you’re going to kill off six billion people around the world you know you have your little on plays protected or you get high quality food in the back yeah I have the microphone and william i would like to hear if you see any connection between do engineering and GMO between tu engineering and a TMO i am not competent to talk about geoengineering so I that’s i could only speculate that location then I’m very fast thank you for and thank you for your talk and it’s a it’s a bit similar question because i’ve read that Monsanto has a patent and Ella million Elam minium resistance crops have you heard about this patterns I acoustically I couldn’t understand it’s a pattern that Monsanto has four elementum resistance subscribe yeah have you heard of our desk told me this that they have developed a a a crop that is resistant to aluminum but and if it’s true what is said about chemtrails containing aluminum particles and barium and so forth I can only speculate but I don’t have any internet okie dokie thank you perhaps you you would know no no I’m sorry um hello a simple and and important question how can you all how can we all protect ourselves from TMO products where is our security here where can we read about the products in our food stores are ya in the my book is available on Amazon i I don’t know if it’s amazon DK but it’s certainly the UK amazon has it and in about two months it will be available in Swedish language through a publishing house that I’m working within your to Bari so you can keep an eye out for that and you know start there i guess but yeah I didn’t quite that get it if it is a documentation for that this seat will kill itself after one harvest is that a written to commit documentation anywhere is I’m sorry it’s a row and do you have this in print from some letter that this seat will kill itself after one year of information about this yes documentation i mean a document yeah there it’s footnoted in the book and on my website William angle . com you can find articles with footnotes that talk about terminator it sits in the patent application to the US government patent office so it’s it’s it’s no I think it’s no secret no no I think also that was something in the Danish media a couple of years ago and about it mhm yes i can add that I can read the book cease of destruction is a very informative book and there are links to a lot of footnotes so William is not coming up with something he cannot document that’s also why is sitting here any more questions we have this gentleman down here where I come from Stockholm and we also had march against monsanto intercom it’s really nice i joined it and it was a lot of talk on Facebook about Monsanto and about oh we should all boycott Monsanto and we should boycott Nestor and everyone the problem is that they own so many brands they own so many products you have no idea where you find that is it’s so hard to boycott them so I was kind of smiling to myself and I saw this reaction was like okay but how we gonna do that so my question is what do you do like both the next action if you get really involved and you think that oh this is wrong I want to do something I want to use my power against this what could you do as a consumer or or as a as a person and as the individual what do you think I think the best answer is you tell me because you you’re much more creative than I am I my contribution is to try with what talents the good Lord gave me to research and get this information out as widely as possible and people are much more creative work were too accustomed to waiting from somebody to do it for us as Charles said the other night we have to take responsibility so simple and so essential for the future of mankind we have to take responsibility for our own destinies for that of our family our children grandchildren we have to take responsibility and that’s the only answer I can give you good thank you very much William I have some small announcement which people gathering this conference have asked me to do some of them also where we must have my own interests Maria please stand up have started at donation of money so we can make test of rainwater here in denmark so I hope very much that you can go into the room on the next door to the left and donate some money for us because every set every sample we test if we say for example say we would like to test aluminium in rainwater it costs about four hundred crowns and we already have how much money we have today 5400 and we are hoping to make different kinds of tests of different places in in Denmark I already know that have done that in Sweden so i hope that you will donate some money for us to help to you know not to spread fear but to to get some data so we can have a debate is it okay that our rainwater is filled with aluminium barrier my god I did it myself with snow last winter and I asked for measurement of three different kinds of stuffs it was aluminum barium strontium and all of them are present in the snow so and independently so that it can oh but let’s give up yeah hello and i found out that it will actually be more expensive than the samples that you had analyzed because we have to do it a several places and we have to do it accredited and independently so that it can be really used as a documentation it should not be possible to shoot the evidence down I mean yeah okay yeah